Sunday, May 8, 2011

Teen Volunteer Board

I forced my son to attending the Provo Library Teen Volunteer program last week. Force is probably the right word here. He said maybe and I said, "yes, you are going and I think you'll like it." It was one of those say go be dos I've been blogging about at

Not only did he like it, Beth was able to attend and they helped move boxes for an upcoming event, ate candy (probably the clincher for Eli) and played some games. Sadly it was the last meeting until September but I figure it was a good way to introduce them. I think Beth will love this opportunity to hear more about books. Eli could use some friends who are male and like to read so I will have to see what happens this fall. I realized this is a great experience to add to their resume of life. Spending the next years volunteering at the local library. It's a good idea after all. I'm thankful to have listened to the prompting to say yes.

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