Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Third Tuesday...It's time for city council...let the balls bounce

Guess whose late to the city council meeting tonight?  I am! Not the council members for a change.

Pam Stowe is the city employee of the month for Provo! Way to go Pam. Sounds like you have a busy job getting a variety of things licensed in the city.

Public Comment time: 

Charles walked up and asked how many of the council members rode thjeir bikes to work today. Just one. Sterling Beck.
Ms. Bean is against being charged if she and other citizens choose to not use the recycling bins. If you don't recycle, your going to be fined in some way with a regular monthly fee.

It's a quite night. It's Beth's birthday today.

Consent Agenda:
-Another budget retreat is planned for this Thursday. Changes to calendar.
-Getting Ready for the Convention Center: An Action Plan for Downtown: Street Lighting, Signage, Flower Baskets,
-City wants to sell two acres.
-Facade Grant Program hasn't been used well enough and changes need to be made part of the downtown area issue.

Hot dog, the city council meeting finished in less then 50 minutes to night! Lets go home.

See ya, wouldn't want to be ya.

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