Sunday, June 26, 2011

Warning, spititual drainage occurs when over scheduling....

June has been incredibly busy for I and my family. I learned a good lesson though...

Don't over schedule your summer months!

I had planned out so much for the summer from education to camps I left very little time for family. Why did I do this????  It wasn't the whole summer just the first two months. Learn from this and move onward.  Enough of that.

Eli and Beth went on a Pioneer Trek last week. When I find my camera I post the pictures of them. So cute to see them dressed as or near as pioneers. Beth was called upon by our Bishop to share her experience. Poor Beth was brave to go up, she stood silently for maybe two minutes and then the Bishop spoke to her and she was able to say something about the bus breaking down and then she paused again and I could see something come to life quickly in her face and she bore her testimony of Jesus and of the pioneers. I was so happy for her to get up and do this. She is so shy getting in front of people. I think the YASA club is helpful to her for this shyness too. She actually wrote a play that the girls are going to do the end of July and she played so comfortably with the girls, it was a joy to see the interactions.

Gove and I decided to go through a cleaning of the gi tract. We started raw veggies on the 6th of June. We are going through a formulated plan of herbs and raw fruits and veggies as well as a weekly colonic for one month. I decided to attempt this because of my increasing and painful frontal headaches. Gove wanted to do this because he felt he was at a block with weight loss and also that he would like to use the Fit for Life food combing that I have always wanted to avoid and have nothing to do with it.
I have had one major headache and two minor that were alleviated with raw cashews quite quickly. It was by no means been an easy progress for me. I am so sick of kale. I long for a piece of bread mainly sourdough but I'm not sure I want to put it into my body now. Since beginning this journey I have had weight loss. I guess you could call it intestinal weight but it shows on my body. I'm at about 13 pounds less then when I started and I can see less sticking out of my abdomen which is a miracle in my mind. Gove has lost over 20 pounds. I'm not sure how we are going to approach raw foods when we are finished with this cleansing cycle. I have had flank discomfort off and on. I have found this to be an interesting experience. Not sure if I want to do this again but I do feel I need to eat very little if no meat for awhile and now I want to do better combining of our foods. The other thing that has been interesting doing this is how I don't and haven't felt weak. When we were with our trainer earlier this year, I often felt weak after eating and would eat more but still I felt weak and terrible. I have not felt this way at all this month. I do get uncomfortable at times but not weak.

Last of all, we have been preparing for the Colonial Heritage Foundation's colonial fest being held at the Scera Park in Orem next weekend. Our family is going to represent a colonial bakery. Gove has made a brick oven heated with wood. We will be making a whole wheat molasses bread and a sourdough. We may even supply some bread to the local tavern. I have sewn all the clothes for the girls and myself, made caps for the males, learned how to make 60 button holes, and I now need to stitch 20 buttons on to the waistcoat for Gove. The oven Gove designed and made is marvelous. It's been educational is so many ways for he and the kids. 

I'm looking forward to less scheduling and more peace for pondering and seeking to live my days with less activity and more promptings of action. 

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Kacy said...

We loved your colonial bakery. You should post the recipe for your apple sauce cake!