Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Our First Colonial Fest...

It was sometime this past March when we learned about the Colonial Heritage Foundation which sponsors Colonial Fest in Orem, Ut. during the 4th of July weekend. Our family was asked to participate in the event after the president read a news article about our children and the bakery they run along with the fact that they spent almost three weeks in Colonial America two years ago. The information was enough to get this invitation.

Days and months passed. Soon June came and I started to take the need for sewing very seriously. I spent hours at the bench preparing our colonial clothes. Gove and I also made a canvas tent with four sides that lifted out to provide shade. Gove made a table that was high enough to fit his height. He also made an amazing brick oven called a black oven.

July 1st finally arrived. Actually, on June 29th Gove took all 300 plus bricks and blocks to the Scera Park and began a 6 hour set up process of his oven. You too may be interested in this. You can view his pictures here.
On the 30th we set up our tent and supplies. Elijah and his cousin Gavin slept onsite each night while a fire was burning every night in the oven, heating the bricks and preparing the oven for the following morning. July 1st arrived and we started on a new family adventure.

What fun we had, and some grouchiness too as the children and parents worked many hours and some long into the night. But overall we had a fun time. Gove loved sharing about the history of bread and how it was made back then. I enjoyed running the counter and selling our goods with the children. We saw many friends and many home schoolers who knew me but I didn't know them.

The whole colonial community at this fest was centered around learning and friendship with each other. This is going to be something Gove and I will want to continue even after the children leave home.

Imagine baking four nights in a row, often until midnight or 2am in order to be ready to sell the next day. I'm still tired. We prepared Colonial Applesauce Cake, Macaroon Cookies, and Colonial Molasses Whole Wheat Bread at home. Gove made sourdough rolls and loafs on site.

Gove's oven was a hit, the food was fresh, hot, and delicious. The churning of cream into butter went well in the mornings not so well in the heat of the day. Yet almost everyone enjoyed fresh made butter on their bread. We even sold cookies for another establishment who wasn't having any luck at their price level. That is one thing that Gove and I don't want to do. Hick the prices just because people are hungry. Our cake was 25 cents per slice, slice of bread 50 cents with butter and honey, molasses bread $4/loaf, and the sourdough $5/loaf. All very affordable.


Donna said...

Looks like you had fun!

Genelle said...

This was one of the most amazing things I have been involved with at the Colonial Heritage Foundation. The whole family pitched in and it was a great success. AWESOME. . . I can't wait until next year. The photos are wonderful as well. High fives all around!!!

Cherie said...

What an amazing event!! And might I add that you and Gove also look AMAZING! I can't wait to read the post and look at accompanying pictures next year :-)

Nickie said...

Thank you. This was a fun event for our family too. Thanks for noticing the weight loss. I've lost 39 and Gove 70 pounds this year. How is Texas? And your family??? We need to be friends if your on facebook.