Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I'm back.....

Life is so busy, at times overly demanding. Yet I hear my children say how they enjoy their classes and activities. I'd like to write about it but here I am at the City Council Meeting after missing a quite a few over the summer months.

What the heck. We have decided to join a home school choir because the youth and children will be singing in Latin this Christmas, at Temple Square. I think it's Vivaldi's Gloria. Eli has a writing class on-line with Williamsburg Academy, Beth has Latin also online with Leadership Education Academy, Mattia continues with Take Flight for dyslexia, she is teaching herself Greek and learning astronomy. Both the older two are taking a Key of Liberty class Tuesday mornings at 7am for 2 hours. All four of us are taking a 9am religious class taught by Susan Black on the history of Joseph Smith twice a week. Beth continues to learn with Simply Music, she is learning accompaniment, transposing, and making her own jazz music besides practicing over 40 other songs. I and my friend Belinda are teaching Shakespeare Wednesday afternoons with 9 youth. We will hold our second class tomorrow. Our community room in the basement is being used on Thursdays for a fun writing class for ages 8-14. I'm not a part of it but I put my head in occasionally and see and feel a large amount of energy and excitement. And last but not lest, the kids make bread to sell at BYU's Farmer market Thursday evenings. Wow no wonder I feel tired when I hit the bed at night. The funny thing is how early I am waking up.

Our kids are holding a Shakespeare movie fest tonight while we are here at the city meeting. The Merchant of Venice, Hamlet and or maybe Romeo and Juliet or they may go with Johnny Tremain for Key of Liberty. Either way they are excited about their learning.

I'm reading a book that's new to me called, Teach The Children and I've been watching a video called Celestial Education. I have felt a strong need to use our faith more fully in our daily education. I found what I was looking for in my gospel study this morning D&C 130:18-19 a wonderful realization and also in D&C 93:39-43&49 This was so neat for me this morning. I'm grateful for the blessing of waking up at 4:30 just for the blessing of turning to the word of God.

Shame on me!!! The city council has been running for 40 minutes now. I heard Mayor Curtis say today on the radio that he plans to ask to have Steve Turley removed from the council now that the finding (which I don't know of) are in regarding some of his activities.
A member of the Provo Library was awarded employee of the month. A husband and wife team was awarded a key to the city for their service within our community over a number of many years.
The room is fairly full this evening as there is going to be talk about parking issues AGAIN in the Joaquin area  and what to do about the I-PROVO failure issue.
There is a discussion going on regarding some property to be purchased for housing development for low income. It sounds like Sterling is asking why is there a plan to pay more for the property when an other agency can purchase it for about 30,000 less and the money could be returned to the tax payers. This is between the Redevelopment Agency and the Neighbor Works program. All members, except Sterling, voted for the the property to be bought at the higher price. Was that done just for convenience?
Now turning to the I Provo problem. The city created their own internet service in 2004 but it failed and there is a monthly payment of over $200,000 that needs to be added to pay the 2004 sales tax revenue bonds that were issued to fund the Fiber Optic network.  It's going to be long tonight. I think they want to add about $8 /month to residential families to pay for this.  Citizens are now speaking about this issue. Oh boy, someone from BYU just got up to say how terrible the city is with the tax its going to place on BYU. The Mayor responded to him and it was clarified that the man was here representing himself. Ouch, Rick Healey just stomped on this guy who I think said he is an engineer at a BYU working with electrical distribution.

Rats...I've got to go home Gove has some work business to take care of. This is so interesting...

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