Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I lie...I'm really not back...just at the city council meeting...

The fact is I'm just plain tired. And honestly I'm not a thrilling or frankly I don't think I'm even an interesting writer. None the less I'll continue, it wont be very often. So no, I'm really not back to posting. Though I do plenty of writing in my notebook and have lots of thoughts regarding faith, scriptures, education, agency, Brigham Young, King Benjamin, The Book of Mormon, protesting in New York City, N. C. governor suggesting there ought not to be congressional elections next year, our city and selling of alcohol on Sunday, our children's education, salvation, happiness/joy, and trials and the list goes on and on and forth.

Welcome to tonight's exciting Provo City Council Meeting:  The big question is will the council vote for allowing the city to sell alcohol on Sunday. It is currently Public Comment time and three people have stood to remind all of us that this issue isn't about  beer or wine, it's about the Sabbath Day and keeping it holy and obeying the ten commandments.

Wow, I stepped out to see if I could find the posting of the Ten Commandments. I didn't see it, and when I returned, the council was already on the ordinance regarding if beer should be sold for off-premises consumption. There was a lady speaking who owns a couple of convenience stores and she said that on Sunday's that have a holiday fall upon that day, like New Years, you are then allowed to sell that Sunday night after 9pm.
A friend called me just before leaving tonight and asked if I would stand for her. I was not so comfortable with that idea because I'm not sure we should prevent people from buying alcohol on Sunday. It is an exercise of agency. Though I would love it if we all wanted to obverse the Sabbath day and to keep it holy yet even I who doesn't drink has my Sundays when I don't keep the sabbath as holy as I could.
Some people are saying they want Provo to be unique in this fashion even if it's just for one day. Others are saying everyone lives here should be able to buy all things they can on Sunday that they shouldn't be discriminated against. Lots of moral judgments here that aren't ours to make. A moral dilemma...
Council members are talking now. I didn't post but really you need to watch the recoding as they are each worthy. Only Cynthia Dayton is saying she didn't vote earlier in a closed meeting to be accepting of this repeal measure.

The repeal was passed 5 to 1.


Mickelle Williams said...

I saw the link to your blog on Facebook and I have enjoyed catching up on what you guys are doing.

I am interested in your Vitamin D issue. I have had two people mention this condition to me in the last few weeks, so I am curious about it. Something I will certainly research a little.

I also appreciate your comments regarding the council meeting and the selling of alcohol on Sunday. Provo will always be unique, but hopefully not for the legislating of one group's morality to the masses. Agency is important.

Hope you guys are doing well.
Merry Christmas!

Nickie said...

Hi Mickelle,
For some reason I did not get informed that you sent a comment. I'm trying to learn more about using this site and came across your post someplace else.
Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I will post about the Vit D