Saturday, November 19, 2011

I spend enough time in the morning writing in my journal that I don't feel the excitement or energy to write something at my blog. I have considered just closing the thing down but then I never go through with it. Ho-hum, hum-ho...

Elijah is at an Etiquette Simulation today and tonight. Yesterday he learned about standing when a young women gets up from the dinner table and to help her by pushing in her chair when she returns. There was dance lessons both yesterday and today along with other classes and tonight there was to be a formal dinner and dance.

I, Gove, and our girls are watching The Wild Wild West series, season three. We found it at DI this evening for $1. It's kind of funny to see again after so many years. When did I last watch this show? I think I was a child in Seattle sometime in the early 70's I imagine.

I found out three weeks ago that I have a vitamin D deficiency. I have been taking a 50,000 unit pill of D2 every week. I started to feel better and had a decrease in my flank pain but this week I have felt uncomfortable. I've also been waking up after sleeping fairly well during the night at about 4:50am. It's a bummer but I stay optimistic and prayerful that I can see and feel gratitude for these experiences I'm going through. But I sure would love a long nights sleep. The blessing is that I've been enjoying reading the new R.S. book, Light in the Wilderness and the scriptures.

My sister decided it was time for a move so about one month ago she found a little place in Salt Lake. We have turned her two rooms into the guest area. New carpet and insulating curtains have helped to make the area feel cozy and warmer. 

Gove was good to hang two doors in the learning room for me today while I was painting the three doors in our community room a deep brown. It looks quiet nice to have the area finished and it didn't even take a year. Imagine that.

The kids are singing in the Heralders Children's Choir for Christmas. It's there first time singing and they will also be signing in Latin on Temple Square December 3rd. In January, the classes will be taught in our community room. I love having classes here that I don't need to drive to and get a discount in return.

Beth is reading The Robe by Lloyd C. Douglas for a private class she is attending with our friend Eliza and Eliza's mom Belinda and mentoring the girls together while I take Mattia to her Take Flight class in Lehi every Monday afternoon. This will be the 3rd meeting for Beth. She is marking words she doesn't know the meanings of, color coding geography, literature, facts, memorizing and learning about ancient roman history in the process. She tells me that she really likes this class.

Headache.. time for bed.

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