Saturday, December 17, 2011

Have a gift collecting dust? Brush it off and use it to bless someone else...even yourself

A Christmas reminder....

Our first semester of online classes...

This semester was the first time that two of our three children took online classes. I thought I would say something about the experience.

First of all, I like that the kids can watch the class if they aren't home for the live broadcast. Plus you can review as much as you like.

Bethany took a Latin class from Leadership Education Academy. She did not like using the the camera for other people to see her but other then that she enjoyed the class. There were a few times of stress for her because she doesn't use the web but she managed all the same. She tries to use Latin in all the daily letters she writes to her Dad.

Elijah took his first writing class through Williamsburg Academy in Cedar City. Ben Brown was his mentor. I guess Eli liked it enough that he decided to take the next course in January. I've really enjoyed the essays that he has written. He decided to write about a hymn when asked to write about a favorite modern song. When asked to write about a hero, he chose Captain Moroni and when he had to write his final about a challenge that changed his life, he wrote about a scout 50 miler bike ride. Thank goodness for life experiences to rely upon.

I am considering Harmony for next year. They connect with a number of learning programs both local and online.

It's my turn...

Go ahead porcelain throne, take my insides....oh dear...just don't move.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Thank you...from Bethany

Thanks to all of you who voted for Beth at the Provo Library contest. I thought she had quite a few votes but it sounds like someone else had over 100 votes. We had fun all the same.   Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

A little Christmas miracle...

Today, I took our kids and Davin P. to SLC to meet up with friends for a tour of Welfare Square, Temple Square, the church museum, an organ concert, and baptisms by the youth in the Salt Lake Temple.

As we left out home, Tia said she wasn't feeling very well. The day progressed just as her sickness did. Being a little trooper and not wanting to disappoint others, Mattia hung in there until we were three feet from our garage when she opened the car door and began to vomit.

Thank goodness she hit the driveway and not the dashboard. This is a little Christmas blessing for which I'm thankful.

The Welfare Square tour was informative, interesting, enlightening, and delicious if you like freshly made chocolate milk, cheese, jams and bread.

I was a little disappointed with the organ concert. It didn't feel  Christmassy enough.  However the friends were polite and talkative.

I feel that I'm now finished with activities and can get down to the business of finishing the sewing of gifts, reading more books, and enjoying the warmth and comfort of being at home.

All we need is some snow.  Where is the snow! Bring on the white stuff!


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

City Council...the last of the year!

Here's my evening chance for a midweek date with Gove... 

-The city is recognizing the efforts of the citizens of Rivergrove and Grandview South for the wonderful work that we have accomplished at Lions Park. I say we because Gove and the kids have served three times and I once. Several Eagle Scouts are also being acknowledged for service they gave at the park as part of the eagle projects.

-The issue regarding the business licensing fee adjustments was going to be on the agenda but has been postponed until 2012.

-Next Tuesday at 5:30pm is a reception for the three outgoing council members. Three ladies going and three men coming in...I wonder what the council dynamics will be like??? Midge, Sherrie, and Cynthia just gave their thank you's to the community.

Oops, I'm off on other sites taking care of business. Sorry. Well it's now 8:30pm and I'm tired so off I go.


Monday, December 5, 2011

Update for Bethany's voting

Go to the Provo Library facebook page and you should see a picture of Beth at the top. Click on her picture and you will find a box (I think it's down at the left corner) Just click on the Like button.

Here is the link to all the pictures. I'm sure you will notice how Bethany really is the right contestant to win the autographed books!

Beth's picture is at the bottom.

Thank you for your help.


Vote for Bethany


Tonight (12/5/2011), the Provo Library will post pictures from the Christopher Paolini book signing. 
There is a contest for the best costume. 
Bethany is one of the contestants!