Wednesday, December 7, 2011

City Council...the last of the year!

Here's my evening chance for a midweek date with Gove... 

-The city is recognizing the efforts of the citizens of Rivergrove and Grandview South for the wonderful work that we have accomplished at Lions Park. I say we because Gove and the kids have served three times and I once. Several Eagle Scouts are also being acknowledged for service they gave at the park as part of the eagle projects.

-The issue regarding the business licensing fee adjustments was going to be on the agenda but has been postponed until 2012.

-Next Tuesday at 5:30pm is a reception for the three outgoing council members. Three ladies going and three men coming in...I wonder what the council dynamics will be like??? Midge, Sherrie, and Cynthia just gave their thank you's to the community.

Oops, I'm off on other sites taking care of business. Sorry. Well it's now 8:30pm and I'm tired so off I go.


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