Thursday, December 15, 2011

A little Christmas miracle...

Today, I took our kids and Davin P. to SLC to meet up with friends for a tour of Welfare Square, Temple Square, the church museum, an organ concert, and baptisms by the youth in the Salt Lake Temple.

As we left out home, Tia said she wasn't feeling very well. The day progressed just as her sickness did. Being a little trooper and not wanting to disappoint others, Mattia hung in there until we were three feet from our garage when she opened the car door and began to vomit.

Thank goodness she hit the driveway and not the dashboard. This is a little Christmas blessing for which I'm thankful.

The Welfare Square tour was informative, interesting, enlightening, and delicious if you like freshly made chocolate milk, cheese, jams and bread.

I was a little disappointed with the organ concert. It didn't feel  Christmassy enough.  However the friends were polite and talkative.

I feel that I'm now finished with activities and can get down to the business of finishing the sewing of gifts, reading more books, and enjoying the warmth and comfort of being at home.

All we need is some snow.  Where is the snow! Bring on the white stuff!


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