Thursday, January 26, 2012

Five and not one more...

In January of 1994 Joe J. Christensen gave a devotional address at BYU entitled Resolutions.  He says you ought to ask a few respected people who you know are readers to share with you the titles of five books besides the scriptures that they feel had the most positive influence in their lives.

My friend Jodi asked me and I didn't get back to her. Sorry Jodi. But she did get me thinking about this is a serious manor. Five books that had a positive influence on little old me...
well I have them and it's not just five!

I'll rank these by number but don't take that to mean anything:

                                                       1. Pilgrims Progress by John Bunyan written in the 1600's: This was the first classic I ever read. It was during the first couple of years in New Orleans. I think about 2003. I didn't keep track of my reading back then as I hardly ever read. What I can recall is being able to see a clear picture of what the author wanted me to realize. The burdens that were still strapped across by shoulders. I became consciously aware of the actual physical pain I had in those muscles that span my upper back.  I can happily report that the emotional and physical pain is now lifted. It happened during an experience after Hurricane Katrina while living in Ca. It was Christian that I thought of as I had old old old emotions that felt like burdens pulled out of my body.

                                                      2. Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriett Beecher Stowe written about 1852 just nine years before the American Civil War. This was truly a life changing experience to read. Oh the crying I went through for this wonderful wonderful man called Uncle Tom a slave of the southern way of life yet oh what a Christian he truly was made to be. To be like Uncle Tom...The ending were Tom is beaten by his fellow slaves and forgives them and then they realize who he is , their friend , and they stop but it was too late. Too much damage was done. I felt I went through an emotional catharsis after reading this beautiful life saving novel.

                                                    3. Les Miserables by Victor Hugo written 1862 when I think Victor was in exile.  It's the ending that affected me most and the pain of not having an understanding for or a hope or even the knowledge of repentance or the atonement in the main two characters lives. My heart and my eyes cried for Jean Valjean and in a way for Javart. It was so long but what kept me going was listening to the music and setting the stage in my mind more clearly. Having more detailed emotions of the characters. What a sad life so many lead in the book and in real life. Look for something better. Remember to look up. Remember to look for the good, assume the best and doubt the bad. Do you hear the people sing? I think one day the people of our nation will have to sing out and stop a number of wrongs that are building up.

                                                          4. You better set down to read this;  Atlas Shrugged has totally opened my eyes to what is happening in our nation and the development of Socialism. Point blank that's what is is. Since reading Ayn Rand's 1957 publication I can see numerous instances of what she was talking about 50+ years ago. Declining work ethics, "don't blame me" slogans, shortages, government knows best mentality and so forth. Though I think she sounds very creepy as a person she was right one in this novel.  This was not like the other books mentioned. I felt a little sick when I finished ( by the way, there are sex scenes. I was driving and listening so I fast forwarded it so I don't know the extent of details) but then I saw or read something that happened in the U.S. and suddenly I could hear a warning going off in my mind, "that was what Rand said would happen in Atlas Shrugged" . Do we really think giant international corporations with headquarters in America are going to say if they have to pay more taxes for the money they earn outside of America? No.

                                                     5. Jane Eyre written 1847ish by Charlotte Bronte. I had to read this twice. The second and maybe I read it three times I don't recall now and I'm not going to look for those old notes. What was it about this book? Could be the 2006 BBC production??  Well here's the thing, I have this book and Little Woman by Louis May Alcott both in my fifth spot. In ways I want to develop some of the characteristics of all the woman characters in these two novels. Perhaps these two novels really are in a tie with The 5,000 Year Leap: cried when I was reading about the 17th amendment. I felt that I would have something to change in the future with this amendment. Crazy I know. The Peacegiver, & The LDS 12 Step Program both had helped me and prepared me for great difficulty that came a couple years later. Because I had worked to be forgiven and understood forgiveness somewhat more in my very limited and narrow minded way I knew I could do nothing less for another. The miracle of healing that finally comes when we forgive and allow Jesus and his atonement to go to action for us. All of which have had lasting impressions for my betterment.

There you go. Five and yet not just five. Take it or leave it. I'll continue either way.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

I love...

those people in the picture at the top of my blog. I love them I tell you! The husband gives all his joy and trust for managing our money and home to me. The children tell me on numerous occasions each day that they love me and thank me for providing home education for them.  It's a lucky and blessed woman that I am.

I guess this is my Happy New Year to all the world. So happy new year everyone! I hope January is finding you feeling healthier.  I awoke the day of Christmas feeling absolutely terrible in my abdomen. The next day I awoke knowing I was going back to a raw food diet. Gove has come along with me and that's what we have been doing since. I didn't even wait for a new year resolution to make the change.

This Wednesday evening I have Kathrine Scott of 40 Blades of Grass coming to do a raw food prep class. It's open to the public and cost $5. I am going to have kale chips, veggie burgers and veggie dips for sampling along with what Kathrine is going to share.

Our community room hosted the annual home school Geography Bee on Saturday. Our son Eli came in second and Beth tied for fourth. Tia tied for seventh.

Lots of fun things are taking place in the community our family made last spring. There's the Monday mentoring class, Thursday is the Heralders Choir, they children and youth will be preparing a Lion King medley for June. Yasa continues once a month, and very soon we will have a public speaking class starting for 12 weeks.    If you home school and are looking for a room to use for teaching children or youth give me a call maybe we can help you out.

Eli finished with braces. He now wears a retainer at night. Mattia will start her braces in about 2 weeks. It turns out that her mouth has grown and her tongue has enlarged enough that she no longer needs her palate stretched because her tongue helped to push her teeth outward. I look forward to seeing her new smile. Eli's teeth look very nice and straight now.

Gove told me two weeks ago that he was ranked by the students and is 1 of the top 10 professors of all the professors in the Marriott school.  Way to go husband. Not to mention he was recently ranked in the top 25 researchers in the world out of 4,000 in his field.

I started adding yoga to my health regime this month. I've been drinking a green veggie juice drink every morning and I am finding that I can now jog better and longer since I started adding the juice. Sadly I did gain a lot of weight back from September through Dec 25th. And I am now removing those fat pounds.  I took my last dose of Vitamin D2 last Friday. I don't know if I will return to the MD for a followup blood work. I no longer have the flank pain and I'm now using D3. I will send spring and summer out in the sun each afternoon gaining as much natural vitamin D that I can to see if I can keep my levels up naturally instead of using a pill.

I bought Ann Wigmore's book on Wheat grass juicing. I saw that she said some people sleep better with one or two trays of wheat grass growing near the head of the bed. Something to do with negative ions and increase in oxygenation. I find wheat grass so hard to take but I want to help my health so I am going to work more with it. Tonight Gove said he likes the sunflower sprouts in the salads. Plus I need to start adding rejuvelac. I hear it helps to add rejuvelac to smoothies. But will it work the same way I wonder.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Where's the people?

Hey, I'm only 10 minutes late for the city council meeting but did it really end before I arrived? What's that? Oh, city council is meeting at the Covey Center due to remodeling of the chambers? O.K. I zip over there, find the meeting, and return home all by 7:35 pm.  Council adjourned for the night at about 7:25pm. Needless to say I missed everything regarding the new council members.

Here's what I did learn; Laura Cabanilla  is council chair and Gary Winterton is vice chair.  I was present for a few thank you words by Midge Johnson and the Mayor's thanks to the out going chair and vice chair of whom the mayor gave flowers to.  Sterling Beck was voted in as chair for the city redevelopment agency and the vice is Kay Van Buren.  That's it. They went into a closed session.

Now I'm home. I did return Genelle P's pizza cutter that we used last summer during the Colonial Fest. She was covering the story for the DH.  Sad news about all of this is that Gove now has Scouts/Mutual on Tuesday's so it looks like I will need to attend by my lonesome self. Not such a fun date in my opinion. 

There doesn't seem to be a picture of the new council yet available online so I can't show you what your council members look like. All in due time.