Sunday, January 15, 2012

I love...

those people in the picture at the top of my blog. I love them I tell you! The husband gives all his joy and trust for managing our money and home to me. The children tell me on numerous occasions each day that they love me and thank me for providing home education for them.  It's a lucky and blessed woman that I am.

I guess this is my Happy New Year to all the world. So happy new year everyone! I hope January is finding you feeling healthier.  I awoke the day of Christmas feeling absolutely terrible in my abdomen. The next day I awoke knowing I was going back to a raw food diet. Gove has come along with me and that's what we have been doing since. I didn't even wait for a new year resolution to make the change.

This Wednesday evening I have Kathrine Scott of 40 Blades of Grass coming to do a raw food prep class. It's open to the public and cost $5. I am going to have kale chips, veggie burgers and veggie dips for sampling along with what Kathrine is going to share.

Our community room hosted the annual home school Geography Bee on Saturday. Our son Eli came in second and Beth tied for fourth. Tia tied for seventh.

Lots of fun things are taking place in the community our family made last spring. There's the Monday mentoring class, Thursday is the Heralders Choir, they children and youth will be preparing a Lion King medley for June. Yasa continues once a month, and very soon we will have a public speaking class starting for 12 weeks.    If you home school and are looking for a room to use for teaching children or youth give me a call maybe we can help you out.

Eli finished with braces. He now wears a retainer at night. Mattia will start her braces in about 2 weeks. It turns out that her mouth has grown and her tongue has enlarged enough that she no longer needs her palate stretched because her tongue helped to push her teeth outward. I look forward to seeing her new smile. Eli's teeth look very nice and straight now.

Gove told me two weeks ago that he was ranked by the students and is 1 of the top 10 professors of all the professors in the Marriott school.  Way to go husband. Not to mention he was recently ranked in the top 25 researchers in the world out of 4,000 in his field.

I started adding yoga to my health regime this month. I've been drinking a green veggie juice drink every morning and I am finding that I can now jog better and longer since I started adding the juice. Sadly I did gain a lot of weight back from September through Dec 25th. And I am now removing those fat pounds.  I took my last dose of Vitamin D2 last Friday. I don't know if I will return to the MD for a followup blood work. I no longer have the flank pain and I'm now using D3. I will send spring and summer out in the sun each afternoon gaining as much natural vitamin D that I can to see if I can keep my levels up naturally instead of using a pill.

I bought Ann Wigmore's book on Wheat grass juicing. I saw that she said some people sleep better with one or two trays of wheat grass growing near the head of the bed. Something to do with negative ions and increase in oxygenation. I find wheat grass so hard to take but I want to help my health so I am going to work more with it. Tonight Gove said he likes the sunflower sprouts in the salads. Plus I need to start adding rejuvelac. I hear it helps to add rejuvelac to smoothies. But will it work the same way I wonder.


Lisa P. said...

You are so cool! I'm glad you are my friend. Have a great week.

Nickie said...

It's a comment like that that makes me wish we lived closer to you! I look forward to our summer park gatherings again. Take care. Say hi to Avalon for me. I was thinking about her yesterday.

The Seed Lady said...

well, one of the things that I love about you, Nickie, dear, is that you are always willing to give it another try, to keep on keeping on, and to pull others in as you learn and grow! Here's to a fabulous new year!!!!

Nickie said...


Oh my gosh. You are a wonderful person too! Love the house at your blog. O.K. we need to get together but I am weak to set things up over the past months. No hard feelings just life. But a poor excuse all the same.