Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Where's the people?

Hey, I'm only 10 minutes late for the city council meeting but did it really end before I arrived? What's that? Oh, city council is meeting at the Covey Center due to remodeling of the chambers? O.K. I zip over there, find the meeting, and return home all by 7:35 pm.  Council adjourned for the night at about 7:25pm. Needless to say I missed everything regarding the new council members.

Here's what I did learn; Laura Cabanilla  is council chair and Gary Winterton is vice chair.  I was present for a few thank you words by Midge Johnson and the Mayor's thanks to the out going chair and vice chair of whom the mayor gave flowers to.  Sterling Beck was voted in as chair for the city redevelopment agency and the vice is Kay Van Buren.  That's it. They went into a closed session.

Now I'm home. I did return Genelle P's pizza cutter that we used last summer during the Colonial Fest. She was covering the story for the DH.  Sad news about all of this is that Gove now has Scouts/Mutual on Tuesday's so it looks like I will need to attend by my lonesome self. Not such a fun date in my opinion. 

There doesn't seem to be a picture of the new council yet available online so I can't show you what your council members look like. All in due time.


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