Sunday, April 8, 2012

Greenhouse learning:
     We made a green house from a kit during the Christmas holidays because there was no snow on the ground. I was excited to start our seeds back in March without investigation the dates for planting seeds. Everything was working and growing nicely until last weekend when night temps dropped and day temps increased.
     Today it looks like things have pretty much died. Fried in the day and froze in the night. I have some learning to do I can see. Good news is that the peas I planted about 2 weeks ago are growing, mostly.
     Here is a website that sends you an email with an announcement for what you can plant or start according to where you live. Here is the link: My Square Foot Garden thanks to Lisa P. for this. Lisa also made me aware of some easy plans to make garden boxes which I want to use because our ground has debris underneath the top soil. Here is the link for boxes: Cedar Garden Bed

Nursing Follow-up:

Gove is improving! We took a walk down to his mothers house and back. It was a little further than he should have walked but he made it. His incision sites are healthy without signs of infection, runs a low fever  99-100 on average and his pain is managed with acetaminophen for the most part. He's doing well and so are the children. They are all currently playing Harry Potter trivia.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

At times I'm apprehensive to share...

I have avoided writing about home schooling for a long while now because I had felt like I was falling short with our son and occasionally with our girls. Instead of saying something here that might have been read, recognized and understood by someone else, I tried to bury concerns and not talk with anyone except my husband. I don't think that was such a good idea for me or for other parents trying to home school and struggling with boys between 12 and 14 years of age. 

I have to remind myself that choosing to home educate does work... and using the tools of leadership education, Charlotte Mason, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, etc...  good results do happen.

 For example: Our 12 year old daughter has taken control of her education this year. She reads many hours, teaches herself Latin after taking an online class through Leadership Education Academy,  she has realized her level of spelling is behind and has taken the responsibility with my help for daily spelling exams using the Spelling Power program.

All three of our youth use the Teaching Textbooks for math. Between the lessons and additional reviewing with Dad, this program is going quite well. (I received a call from the company asking if I would like to sell their product for them at a UHEA booth this summer. I declined because $15/hr doesn't interest me.)

They attend art classes, mentoring clubs, girls clubs, choir, write letters and essays, following politics, learn about the constitution, participating in colloquiums, play together, go to parks, piano, do chores, argue, love and forgive, attend seminary, hold devotionals, dream about the future, study middle ages in history, serving in church and our community each month.

Our third child has really come along ways with the Scottish-Rite Take Flight Program for dyslexia over the past 18 months. Writing and reading continue to be challenges, yet there are more and more rewards seen by this young gal and her parents.

My point is that I can see our first daughter is in her first year of scholar education. And the second still in love of learning but she sees she can progress like her older sister.

It's our oldest boy that has been a surprise for me. I was concerned. I am not now concerned as I once was and that is why I feel I can write about this. I suppose the biggest part of all of this was coming down upon my knees and after several prayers receiving assurance that certain steps had to be taken and not to worry my pretty head and heart over this. God is in charge. Growth is available as it is wanted and worked for. I seek to keep doing my duty  as a parent who has made covenants with Heavenly Father regarding the raising of our family.

Maturity really is quite different for everyone and between the sexes. I have learned from my mentor Belinda that many moms go through a time with their sons during ages 12-14 were moms feel "like failures" but it passes, maturity and understanding grows for both the youth and the adult.

For our son, who doesn't appear to want to do anything that is hard, who seems to want to be social but holds back from to much commitment, doesn't want to do a lot of things (though I truly feel he is 12 to 24 months away from his scholarly blooming,) we have decided to use a charter school this fall for him. He was accepted to the new Freedom Academy High School. This isn't what my heart wants for him but it is what my husband wants right now until our boy sees his education as really being his. Opportunities are open for Eli. He is taking the steps to become a volunteer at the space camp facility this summer, will attend Youth For Freedom, youth home school conferences in the area and who knows what else God will bring into his life to help in the molding and growth process.

 Yes, I struggle with how things are going with our children maybe more so than other woman but I just wanted to say that I also feel things are going to work out for my boy who is 14 and has much to grow and learn. He is an honest young man who is aware of other youth with limitations. So, for all the anxiety I was letting myself so through what I need was more trust and giving opportunities for making choices and learning from consequences before leaving home. Yikes, leaving home is potentially just four years away. I feel this is really going to work out as it is suppose to.

Peace to all of you moms and dads with concerns for your 12 to 14 year old sons. What I have typed here are things related to education. I could do much about personal growth and the hormones of boys, my goodness but that's for some other time and probably not here but in a personal setting if so moved by the spirit to share.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Chole what?...

It's technical name is cholecystitis. But most of us humans call it a gallbladder attack. The first time Gove ever had an attack was last Saturday just before the second session of General Conference was to begin. Did he eat something greasy that morning? No. But he did have some nachos the night before that were greasier than normal. It must have been enough of a trigger to finally push the gallbladder to give notice of it's deterioration.

This morning, after taking percocet and an antibiotic to try and "calm" things down for the past 4 days, Gove went in for a cholecystectomy and what a big surprise they found.

1st off the gallbladder was enlarged with about 300c.c. of bile. Normally this bladder holds about 40-70c.c. Plus one gall stone almost the size of a ping pong ball. (I kid you not). See the pictures.

2nd the gallbladder was adhering to the side of the liver and had to be cut away which caused the liver to bleed and so the liver had to be cauterized.

3rdly the bile had to be removed by a needle in order to shrink the gallbladder small enough to be removed through the tube which is placed through the belly-button.
And 4thly the gallbladder was near rupture which would have been life threatening so said the surgeon afterwards.

So, I'm really happy that my good, strong, and brave husband finally agreed to do this as I had hoped he would have done on Monday, he just needed a little time to come to agreement with the whole idea. He did tell me Thursday morning that he wished it was over as he has run a fever for 6 days above 101.

Now at home since about noon, his temp is 99.4 He is cold and a little shaky which I am monitoring as I have personal experience with hemorrhaging and don't want that to occur to this big man of mine. With a dryer heated blanket and Mattia's corn bags heated and applied to his body, he is finally sleeping deeply. When next he gets up I will check his blood pressure. His pulse was steady at about 74bpm after he walked around the main floor three times but that was also when he became shaky and cold.

 It's nice to still have a few nursing skills left in me...

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

To leave or stay...

Dear Friend,

I'm torn about this subject I need to bring to your attention. Several months ago I saw that you downloaded an app for the Facebook organization. Since that download, I have seen a dramatic drop in the number of visits and posting at this home base of yours. Thus I feel the need to ask you to consider who is more important. Facebook or Me.

To help you in deciding the best course of action, I will remind you that I have been here with you for well over four years. I hold your thoughts, pictures, and secret pains. All tucked away for you to review at any given time. You can even take my many posts and have them placed into a blogger book and sent to your home. Sure I think you can do something of the same thing with Facebook but really, is Facebook right for you. I see how you have almost come to a complete stop with writing what's happening with your family.

For example:  Just this past weekend, your husband Gove, came down with an acute case of cholecystitis. Sure I see you mentioned it at Facebook but please, you gave no details. What about when the surgical team came to transfer him to the O.R. and he yelled out "No, I've changed my mind." even after he signed the papers, had the flannel jammies on and an i.v. in his right forearm. How about the physical therapy he is going through for the arm injury from last Colonial Fest and needs to prepare the arm for the forth coming fest three months hence.

Oh the joy of taking time to say more then just five words.  You see my friend. You need your blog spot. True you have grown weak but I think we can get you going again. Just say goodbye to FB and welcome back to BS.

With warm hopes and thoughts of a more productive future,