Friday, April 6, 2012

Chole what?...

It's technical name is cholecystitis. But most of us humans call it a gallbladder attack. The first time Gove ever had an attack was last Saturday just before the second session of General Conference was to begin. Did he eat something greasy that morning? No. But he did have some nachos the night before that were greasier than normal. It must have been enough of a trigger to finally push the gallbladder to give notice of it's deterioration.

This morning, after taking percocet and an antibiotic to try and "calm" things down for the past 4 days, Gove went in for a cholecystectomy and what a big surprise they found.

1st off the gallbladder was enlarged with about 300c.c. of bile. Normally this bladder holds about 40-70c.c. Plus one gall stone almost the size of a ping pong ball. (I kid you not). See the pictures.

2nd the gallbladder was adhering to the side of the liver and had to be cut away which caused the liver to bleed and so the liver had to be cauterized.

3rdly the bile had to be removed by a needle in order to shrink the gallbladder small enough to be removed through the tube which is placed through the belly-button.
And 4thly the gallbladder was near rupture which would have been life threatening so said the surgeon afterwards.

So, I'm really happy that my good, strong, and brave husband finally agreed to do this as I had hoped he would have done on Monday, he just needed a little time to come to agreement with the whole idea. He did tell me Thursday morning that he wished it was over as he has run a fever for 6 days above 101.

Now at home since about noon, his temp is 99.4 He is cold and a little shaky which I am monitoring as I have personal experience with hemorrhaging and don't want that to occur to this big man of mine. With a dryer heated blanket and Mattia's corn bags heated and applied to his body, he is finally sleeping deeply. When next he gets up I will check his blood pressure. His pulse was steady at about 74bpm after he walked around the main floor three times but that was also when he became shaky and cold.

 It's nice to still have a few nursing skills left in me...


Kacy Faulconer said...

I hope he is back on his feet soon.

Lisa P. said...

Wow! Our prayers for the patient. (Those pictures are fascinating!)