Sunday, April 8, 2012

Greenhouse learning:
     We made a green house from a kit during the Christmas holidays because there was no snow on the ground. I was excited to start our seeds back in March without investigation the dates for planting seeds. Everything was working and growing nicely until last weekend when night temps dropped and day temps increased.
     Today it looks like things have pretty much died. Fried in the day and froze in the night. I have some learning to do I can see. Good news is that the peas I planted about 2 weeks ago are growing, mostly.
     Here is a website that sends you an email with an announcement for what you can plant or start according to where you live. Here is the link: My Square Foot Garden thanks to Lisa P. for this. Lisa also made me aware of some easy plans to make garden boxes which I want to use because our ground has debris underneath the top soil. Here is the link for boxes: Cedar Garden Bed

Nursing Follow-up:

Gove is improving! We took a walk down to his mothers house and back. It was a little further than he should have walked but he made it. His incision sites are healthy without signs of infection, runs a low fever  99-100 on average and his pain is managed with acetaminophen for the most part. He's doing well and so are the children. They are all currently playing Harry Potter trivia.

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