Tuesday, April 3, 2012

To leave or stay...

Dear Friend,

I'm torn about this subject I need to bring to your attention. Several months ago I saw that you downloaded an app for the Facebook organization. Since that download, I have seen a dramatic drop in the number of visits and posting at this home base of yours. Thus I feel the need to ask you to consider who is more important. Facebook or Me.

To help you in deciding the best course of action, I will remind you that I have been here with you for well over four years. I hold your thoughts, pictures, and secret pains. All tucked away for you to review at any given time. You can even take my many posts and have them placed into a blogger book and sent to your home. Sure I think you can do something of the same thing with Facebook but really, is Facebook right for you. I see how you have almost come to a complete stop with writing what's happening with your family.

For example:  Just this past weekend, your husband Gove, came down with an acute case of cholecystitis. Sure I see you mentioned it at Facebook but please, you gave no details. What about when the surgical team came to transfer him to the O.R. and he yelled out "No, I've changed my mind." even after he signed the papers, had the flannel jammies on and an i.v. in his right forearm. How about the physical therapy he is going through for the arm injury from last Colonial Fest and needs to prepare the arm for the forth coming fest three months hence.

Oh the joy of taking time to say more then just five words.  You see my friend. You need your blog spot. True you have grown weak but I think we can get you going again. Just say goodbye to FB and welcome back to BS.

With warm hopes and thoughts of a more productive future,


Cherie said...

It's good to see you writing! I can actually visualize Gove doing that :-). I hope he's feeling better! Love to you and your family!

Nickie said...

Hi Cherie, Where are you guys these days?