Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sunday's solar eclipse

Mattia is taking a 6 week Astronomy online class through LEA.  We thought it would be fun and educational to see the eclipse so we drove down to Kanaraville. Arrived about noon, claimed a nice spot out in the field and waited and waited and waited. Soon Richard from SLC parked by us and we discovered he is an astronomer. Then then two more hours passed more people arrived and soon just in front of us came four astronomers from Michigan with a small U-hall trailer. Oh boy. The guys from Michigan are serious and they shared lenses and telescopes and soon you could see the craters on the moon.  The ring of fire was nice but really the neatest was when the sun was setting for us and the moon was still eclipsing with the sun. Gove thought he saw Baily's Beads.

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