Sunday, September 9, 2012

More opportunities...

Cooking Class For Girls
Ages 10-12
Starting September 17th from 1:00-3:00pm. Twice a month in October and November.
Cost $5 for the semester.
All classes in my Provo home, taught by me, Nickie Allen.
Girls will learn safety skills, cooking skills, food science, and play with their food.
Girls will make recipe binders, exchange recipes, write recipes,etc....
Register at:
Details at:
Questions? 801-850-6554.

September 17th Changing and why
Recipes to exchange and collect: veggie dishes and sauces
Science: potatoes and squashes
Cooking: pesto sauce, squash casserole?, fresh flour noodles.
Decorating recipe binders.

October 1st  From Scratch
Recipes to collect: treat and desserts
Science: measurements and conversions/ baking soda-v- baking powder
Cooking: pancakes and syrup, cookies?

October 15th Comfort Foods?
Recipes to collect: grains, soups
Science: ph testing? work of recipe books, thickeners
Cooking: rice/veggie soup

November 5th Knead the Dough
Recipes to collect: doughs and mixes,
Science: gases and elasticity/ catapulting
Cooking: whole grain bread, sour dough mix

November 19th Foods that Medicate/Thanksgiving-Colonial
Recipes to collect: main dishes, miscellaneous
Science: tastes of the tongue
Cooking: raw vegetarian

Opportunites abound...

Introduction To Public Speaking...
 12 week course for girls ages 11-14

 September 11th through November 27th.
Tuesdays from 12:30 to 2:00pm
At my home in Provo.
Cost $3 to cover binder and printed materials.
Call me at 801-850-6554 with questions. Offered by Nickie Allen.
 1st Week Sept. 11th: Delivery & Self-Introduction Speech Preparation/Overcome Obstacles-Demosthenes
2nd Week Sept. 18th: Self-Introduction Speeches/Practice Your Delivery-Patrick Henry
3rd Week Sept. 25th: Preparing a Narrative Speech/Be Yourself-Elizabeth I
4th Week Oct. 2nd: Narrative Speech Polish/Find Your Humorous Voice-Will Rogers
5th Week Oct. 9th: Narrative Speeches/Make It a Story-Marie Curie
6th Week Oct. 16th: Preparing a Descriptive Speech/Use the Power of Three-Paul
7th Week Oct. 23rd: Descriptive Speech Polish/Build a Logical Case-Susan B. Anthony
8th Week Oct 30th: Descriptive Speeches/Paint Pictures in Words-Tecumseh
9th Week Nov. 6th: Preparing a Persuasive Speech/Focus on Your Audience-Gandhi
10th Week Nov. 13th: Persuasive Speech Polish/Share a Vision-Martin Luther King Jr.
11th Week Nov. 20th: Persuasive Speeches/Change Minds and Hearts-Mark Anthony
Call for Positive Action-Lincoln.
12th Week Nov. 27th: Last speeches and a pizza party.

Picnic comments...

Yesterday's picnic was by far the least stressful for me. The night before was long and I was tired the morning of but once things got rolling with the serving of food and help arriving or should I say coming to the rescue (thank you Amy, Amber, Rachael and all the young girls who helped wrap sandwiches), my stress was completely alleviated.

It's nice to take a deep breath now. What I love most about hosting this picnic for the home school community is hearing how the children love playing in the water, running across the park with all the other hundreds of kids and moms being genuinely relaxed and enjoying the opportunity to talk with other moms. But this year was even more enjoyable because of the number of fathers who were able to attend.

Here are a few comments we received:
 Kate said:
"Look at what you guys are doing! Thank you SO much for your unbelievable contributions to all our lives. Thank you. Thank you!
My husband, Bret, said it was the most perfect day. He even fell asleep on the blanket, right there in the middle of everything. He NEVER gets to relax. NEVER! Thank you for holding the picnic on a Saturday. It was so nice to have him there. The kids loved showing him all the special places at the stream and in the trees. It was just magical for all of us.
We all had a really great time. Thank you!"

Sara said: 
 "Thanks again for putting on such a wonderful party today!" 

And Donna said:

"Love today! The Utah County Home School Picnic at South Fork was Wonderful... 
Thank you Nickie and Gove  for your wonderful hard work and consistency in service to the Utah County Home School community!"

Monday, September 3, 2012

It's time for the picnic!

Bring blankets, chairs, and towels for your kids who love to get wet in the stream.
 Lunch will be served at noon.
Nature walks, playing on the hill and running all over the place. Just what kids and moms and dads need. An afternoon together having fun.
Grandma Allen will be there with her stories and music.