Sunday, September 9, 2012

Opportunites abound...

Introduction To Public Speaking...
 12 week course for girls ages 11-14

 September 11th through November 27th.
Tuesdays from 12:30 to 2:00pm
At my home in Provo.
Cost $3 to cover binder and printed materials.
Call me at 801-850-6554 with questions. Offered by Nickie Allen.
 1st Week Sept. 11th: Delivery & Self-Introduction Speech Preparation/Overcome Obstacles-Demosthenes
2nd Week Sept. 18th: Self-Introduction Speeches/Practice Your Delivery-Patrick Henry
3rd Week Sept. 25th: Preparing a Narrative Speech/Be Yourself-Elizabeth I
4th Week Oct. 2nd: Narrative Speech Polish/Find Your Humorous Voice-Will Rogers
5th Week Oct. 9th: Narrative Speeches/Make It a Story-Marie Curie
6th Week Oct. 16th: Preparing a Descriptive Speech/Use the Power of Three-Paul
7th Week Oct. 23rd: Descriptive Speech Polish/Build a Logical Case-Susan B. Anthony
8th Week Oct 30th: Descriptive Speeches/Paint Pictures in Words-Tecumseh
9th Week Nov. 6th: Preparing a Persuasive Speech/Focus on Your Audience-Gandhi
10th Week Nov. 13th: Persuasive Speech Polish/Share a Vision-Martin Luther King Jr.
11th Week Nov. 20th: Persuasive Speeches/Change Minds and Hearts-Mark Anthony
Call for Positive Action-Lincoln.
12th Week Nov. 27th: Last speeches and a pizza party.

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