Friday, November 2, 2012

Confession #329 I am a compulsive eater...

From #251 Face the Music

"Don't be too discouraged about that slip. Practically always, we compulsive eaters learn the hard way."

"Your idea of moving on to somewhere else may be good, or it may not. Perhaps you have got into an emotional or economic jam that can't be well handled where you are. But maybe you are doing just what all of us have done, at one time or another: Maybe you are running away. Why don't you try to think that through again carefully?"

"Are you really placing recovery first, or are you making it contingent upon other people, places, or circumstances? You may find it ever so much better to face the music right where you are now, and, with the help of the Cea-How program, win through. Before you make a decision, weigh it in these terms."

Wow, I needed to read this this morning. I am so glad I got up (way too early) yet because of the quiet time with no children around I was blessed to find this.

And now my little world knows it too. I have been blessed to release 22 pounds for the first time in my life without paying someone to coach me along. Working the steps every day and just for today.

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