Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Nurse Nickie...

On occasion when I diagnose a family member properly when they are having an ailment I will consider what it would cost me to return to school and become a nurse again. My husband would like me to become a nurse practitioner so I can prescribe medications to him so he doesn't need to go to a doctor. We shall see about him not seeing a doctor.

As this year has passed with my husband having a cholecystectomy, kids sick, friends children with earaches or bladder infections and then my own 2nd degree burns upon my body and a secondary infection of cellulitis in my left leg related to the burn, I find myself thinking more and more of returning to the field of education.

But then I think about my age. Can I go back at 50 and still learn like I used to do? My brain often feels tired and slow to remember. And yet if I returned to schooling for the next 6 years lets say. I would still have plenty of years to contribute back.

So today it occurred to me what I first need to do instead of stewing about returning to school and starting from step one again after 18 years. I am going to return to the hospital where I last worked as an emergency room nurse and find out what the recruiting team requires for nurses who have been inactive for so long. So simple. I need to know first before I decide what direction to move towards.

One nice thing about me returning now in this stage of life is that I will not need to be in competition with all those young girls and boys who feel the need to prove themselves. I know I've done that in the past and now as an almost 50 year old I come with a great deal of experience with children, surgeries, losses, and life in general. Now I would really know how to teach a woman the skill of breast feeding instead of acting like I did when I was single. A lot of things I did as a nurse back then I really had no idea what it felt like but now I do. That says a lot to me.

I wonder if starting an IV is like riding a bike?


Cherie said...

What a fantastic post! Can't wait to read about what you need to do to get started again. You'll do a wonderful job at whatever the requirements are, and I'm jealous of your future patients! It would be awesome to have a nurse who is so knowledgeable about many things, they'll have great company and conversations with you taking care of them! Way to go and good luck with whatever lays ahead!!

Nickie said...

Cherie!!!!!!!Wow are you? Where are you? If you come to Utah you and your family can stay here. Thank you for those super kind and motivating words. My kids are going up and it's time for me to look towards a new adventure as well.

Merry Christmas my friend.


Nickie said...

I mean How are you!!!!!

Cherie said...

I'm doing well! We are in Japan these days, it'll be a year in February, it's FLOWN by. We go to a Japanese ward here and my oldest two are in Japanese schools full-time, it's crazy! Definitely not what I ever thought would happen, but here we are! My brain wants to explode trying to catch and keep up with language and schedules, but I know we are where we're supposed to be and that helps :-). if you ever want to visit our door is open!

Thank you for the kind offer to stay there, I wish I was in Utah often. There are so many wonderful things going on there, it's so fun to hear what you're up to! Kids grow up entirely too fast. We have 5 now and the youngest just turned 1 and is starting to walk... I don't know how I feel about that :-). I think you're awesome and such a fantastic role model for your kids!! The experiences you've been able to offer them are amazing and if anyone can do what they put their mind to its you! I count myself very blessed to know you. Thank you for being who you are! Praying for success with your new adventures!

Merry Christmas to you too!

Anonymous said...

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