Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Third child... first winner...

This has been a super writing month in our home thanks to Elijah attending school now. Freedom Academy has been participating in NaNoWriMo for a number years and students in Elijah's creative writing class have to participate as this is part of their grade according to my son.

This sounded like a great opportunity not only for Eli but for our girls too. So I asked if all our kids could  attend and the school was most accommodating.

And now our family will have three young authors. Beth and Eli are still editing their works which include over 10,000 words each. Mattia wrote 3, 571 words. We will have to send a book to her dyslexia teacher to show what Mattia has been able to do since attending Take Flight. This has been a big burst of confidence to both girls and I think Eli too though he doesn't like the direction his story went.

Once everyone submits their manuscripts I guess we will have to have a celebration. How do authors celebrate the finishing of a book? Ice cream? Dinner? Sleep?

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