Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Welcome to my new year..2013

How exciting can this year promise to be?
I have a feeling it's going to be superdee duperdee. Oh no, is that a phrase from The Simpsons?! Darn that D.I. special we found for the kids. The first 5 season of The Simpsons and I think it might be getting to me. Nooooo.

I do want to remember a few things about 2012. First, all the good people who  help to influence me to become better. My husband, Marie, Jenn, Ally, Valarie, Ruth, and many other fine people involved with Cea-How.

Meeting my sister after many many years.

Finding the Cea-How way of life and coming to understand that I am a compulsive/emotional eater.

Saying goodbye to Grandpa Vallone, visiting with my Dad and Cathy, feeling peoples gratitude for all the hard work folks do at the Colonial Fest...

Camping with just our daughters and myself for three days. Gove's surgery, my burnt leg,abdomen, and shoulder...

Taking all our children to the Provo temple to serve together. I have no babies left! Pretty sad in a way and exciting and fun in another.

Realizing that I can take a class at BYU and start working on a nursing degree again as I let mine laps too many years while raising our family.

I look forward to letting go and letting God run my life. Do you know how scary it is to say that ? Let go and let God...that really says so much. But I'm going to be working for that.

 Happy New 2013 Year

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