Friday, June 21, 2013

Results of first informational meeting

6/21/2013 First Meeting

Belinda and I held the first parent informational meeting regarding the establishing of a Vanguard Youth group here in Provo. We hoped to have two parents show up. Then we received 3 RSVP's. And then 7 families came and 6 more indicated interest but where not able to attend today!

We held two meetings, 10am and 3:30pm. I was so nervous, but then everyone reminded me that I knew them and I was among friends and acquaintances. In no time I was sharing what we understood of Vanguard, Belinda filled in the blanks and we came away with a father wanting to mentor the history and geography lens if it works for his schedule.

There were so many things we talked about. I shared how I felt about listening to To Hard Things yesterday, my prayers for guidance, and the calm I felt when I learned of Vanguard. Talked about chapter 2 of Elder Bednar's book, Increase in Learning and it's relationship with Vanguards outline. We shared the BYU Idaho teaching/learning model and how with the help of the Spirit these youth will rock the world they are a part of. Not to mention this is going to be a great learning adventure for us adults who participate.

We had hand outs, newsletters from the group in Layton, BYU speeches to read, and a parent informational sheet.

So now there is much work to lay for the foundation.

As Belinda was getting ready to leave she mentioned that we need a six year outline for the four subject areas. I will pray about this, but I have a feeling she is right. I had another thought about this but it just left my head...

Between session Belinda and I went through my books looking quickly for titles that fit the 9 principles we are using and books that fit the four subject areas; leadership/government, history/geography, literature/arts, math/science. I will type of this first list, add Belinda's, and compare with Vanguards list.

Here is the six year plan for Family School through Latter-day Learning:

Friday, June 14, 2013

First Parent/Youth informational Meeting: starting a Vanguard Youth Group


854N 1375 W in Provo (Nickie Allen's home)

10:00 AM OR 3:30 PM

Nickie Allen and Belinda Ballentyne will share their developing vision for starting a Utah County

Principle based,
4 R's (research, reason, relate, record)
BYU Idaho's learning model (prepare, teach one another, ponder/prove)
Agency based
NOAH plan
Inspirements (morality/government, math/science, history/geography, arts/literature)
Volunteerism (parents and youth)

Feel free to call Nickie with questions @ 801-850-6554

Youth, parents, and babies are welcomed. Quiet young children may listen too.

Suggestions for personal preparation...not required for attending

Read Chapter 2 of Increase In Learning by Elder Bednar
Read The Book of Daniel chapters 1-6 (Old Testament)
Read 1 and 2 Timothy (New Testament)
Watch BYU Idaho Learning Model
Read Teach the Children chapters 12-14 and 18-19
Take a look at: (Salt Lake group)
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Sunday, June 2, 2013

When my heart tells me things my mind doesn't know...

So much to learn and then develop into understanding with the help of the Holy Ghost and from understanding into intelligence. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with all the choices and decisions I feel responsible for in my life.

However I read something this morning and suddenly I realized I don't always have to have all the right words and stately elocution.  What I often need and also need to be satisfied with is the gift of having understanding through my heart delivered by the Spirit of the Lord.

I may not yet have in my mind the words of transformational speech to justify my belief that Common Core is full of future weaknesses and damage of agency, liberty, freedom and will increase bondage of the mind and body. What I do know is what I understand in my heart. I see with my eyes, hear with my ears and I understand with my heart. I understand more than I know with my mind and as I'm understanding with my heart, then I know that the Spirit is working to educate me. I'm a slow learner no doubt about it.

I also feel my heart has been guided with the changes that need to come to the core of our educational process which will begin to include both the principle approach of the NOAH Plan, the 4R's and agency approach as well as continued study of Vanguard Youth and American Heritage home education plan. I need the gospel more deeply rooted in my life and feel the need to add the gospel deeply into our educational plans. I don't have the the words yet but I have the heart feelings once again so I go with it and continue to learn seek understanding and act upon truths of righteousness, attend the temple weekly and do a lot of praying, reading, and writing.

Great speeches will never be mine as to why I feel certain ways. But for sure I do not have to follow blindly.

After I realized this thanks to President Harold B. Lee's talk on the very subject, I feel more of my burden lifted and trust feels firmer. I will be guided. Not all at once but with time, friends, and even strangers.