Friday, June 21, 2013

Results of first informational meeting

6/21/2013 First Meeting

Belinda and I held the first parent informational meeting regarding the establishing of a Vanguard Youth group here in Provo. We hoped to have two parents show up. Then we received 3 RSVP's. And then 7 families came and 6 more indicated interest but where not able to attend today!

We held two meetings, 10am and 3:30pm. I was so nervous, but then everyone reminded me that I knew them and I was among friends and acquaintances. In no time I was sharing what we understood of Vanguard, Belinda filled in the blanks and we came away with a father wanting to mentor the history and geography lens if it works for his schedule.

There were so many things we talked about. I shared how I felt about listening to To Hard Things yesterday, my prayers for guidance, and the calm I felt when I learned of Vanguard. Talked about chapter 2 of Elder Bednar's book, Increase in Learning and it's relationship with Vanguards outline. We shared the BYU Idaho teaching/learning model and how with the help of the Spirit these youth will rock the world they are a part of. Not to mention this is going to be a great learning adventure for us adults who participate.

We had hand outs, newsletters from the group in Layton, BYU speeches to read, and a parent informational sheet.

So now there is much work to lay for the foundation.

As Belinda was getting ready to leave she mentioned that we need a six year outline for the four subject areas. I will pray about this, but I have a feeling she is right. I had another thought about this but it just left my head...

Between session Belinda and I went through my books looking quickly for titles that fit the 9 principles we are using and books that fit the four subject areas; leadership/government, history/geography, literature/arts, math/science. I will type of this first list, add Belinda's, and compare with Vanguards list.

Here is the six year plan for Family School through Latter-day Learning:

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