Thursday, November 28, 2013

Summary of Chapter 2 Nonviolent Communication

It turns out that chapter 2 doesn't have a printed summary in the book, but that's okay. I can share mine...
       OUCH!  The title is Communication That Blocks Compassion. There are four concepts used towards understanding blocked communication. First is something called Moralistic Judgments. The book says it like this; "When we speak this language, we judge others and their behavior while preoccupying ourselves with who's good, bad, normal, abnormal, responsible, irresponsible, smart, ignorant, etc." I hate that i have to say this is me but it is and I have to own this fact and surrender the desire to fight against accepting this is what I do.  Boy, I'm glad I have Janet coming to guide me on Saturday.  This type of communication block is focused on classifying, analyzing and determining levels of wrongness rather than on what we and others need and are not getting. The second block  is Making Comparisons it's a form of judgment. Third is Denial of Responsibility this too is another form of life-alienating communication. And lastly there are Other Forms of Life-Alienating Communication like demanding (done it).
     Oops! I just found the summary. Mine says about the same thing.

Looking forward to Saturday.

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