Sunday, August 3, 2014

Day 2 First planned stop

I and the girls arrived in Poulsbo, Washington late this afternoon. We checked into the Poulsbo Inn and then I decided to see if I could locate the little cottage that I lived in for one summer during my 6th year. I knew the cottage was near the water and that there was a curve to the right in the road that lead to the local shops. 43 years later and there it all was.   The little house is yellow...was it yellow then? I think it was white back then. It was interesting to see that the distance of the house in front is actually just a few feet from the cottage but in my mind it was much further.   As I came up to the house I kind of started to cry. This was a little part of my life after my parents divorced and I think after it was determined I would live with my dad. I now know why I gave my mother such a hard time as a 5 year old and what lead up to her thinking I would be better off with my dad.

Today's travel was just as enjoyable as our first day except I was able to get some sleep last night which gave me greater driving alertness.   I have also kept my ears open to my daughters. Mattia wanted me to listen to her LDS musical artists, which I did.  Bethany wants me to listen to the Long Patrol which I am also doing. Plus I wanted us to sing hymns and we have done this both days and this morning while we drove along the Columbia River on the Oregon side, we held a little testimony meeting. It was very enjoyable and helped me to feel greater thanks to God for his love and peace I am feeling doing this type of a trip. Plus I thought more about what my husband is doing by supporting me. For this I am truly grateful.

Why did I feel the need to come here? This is something for me to ponder and continue to seek guidance on.. Something to do with my childhood fears which I have brought into my adult life.

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