Tuesday, August 26, 2014


I just did something I have not done since March. I stood in front of my mirror, raising my arms in a power pose and I repeated several Zig Ziglar affirmations. And you know what? It felt good and up lifting to say those words. I felt like I can believe them about me, that I am becoming and even more surprising was that I still remembered some of the words. I feel motivated at this moment in time. How wonderful to feel present in my life.

I'm also excited because I just listened to Elder Uchtdorf's talk from Sunday April 2013 General Conference on the subject of being in darkness and what we specifically need to do to feel helped by heavenly Father. I'm now going to take his counsel to heart and get asking.

Just for Today:   

"Have I ever accomplished anything good while my emotions were churning with hysteria? Am I aware that reacting on impulse-saying the first thing that pops into my head-defeats my own purposes?

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