Sunday, September 7, 2014

Breakfast mindfulness...

In taking Jon Kabat-Zinn's mindfulness based stress reduction class there are required activities to do during the week while preparing for the next class. This week we are to strive to eat a meal mindfully. I take this to mean one meal each day. I tried this with breakfast yesterday. No reading, writing, talking on the phone, just looking and tasting and thinking about each bite. Boy! that was hard to do and I decided one meal a day to focus on is enough right now because it takes energy to be mindful. I used my breakfast meal and it was not easy to stay on track with eating. My mind wandered to list of things, places or to people. I was surprised how much attention it was taking to stay with my meal.  I going to do the same thing with this mornings meal just so I can practice and in time I will grow in the ability to be mindful...that is my hope anyway.

We are also asked to attempt 45 minutes each day in doing the body scan technique with audio downloads. But if 45 minutes doesn't work to try for 30 minutes. I like the 30 minutes mp3 because it is Jon himself speaking whereas the 45 minutes mp3 is designed with greater lengths of no speaking and I get lost with that and fall asleep. So I am striving for the 30 minutes each day.  I like this experience because I am offering love and gratitude for each body scan level and I have never thanked God for my beautiful toes, and body parts like I have in the past 2 days. It's nice and I feel hopeful just because of being thankful and with gratitude. This morning I am going to try the 15 minutes body scan and listen to the mp3 and get a feel for how this format works for those times when I need to get going out the door sooner. I do however want to have 30 minutes to offer and to work my way to 45 minutes of mindfulness each morning.

With my daughters now in school, my morning dynamics have certainly changed and opened to new possibilities for me.  I am thankful to accept and feel directed in the way which I am currently going.

I Can Do It!

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