Sunday, September 21, 2014

Update related to mindfulness based stress reduction class

Big News Today!  I was able to stay awake and focused for the first time in 3 or 4 weeks since starting this class while listening and following the instructions for the 30 minute body scan. It was a wonderful experience.

First I had just finished a 30 minutes hot bath soak and was wrapped up in bed trying to sweat out as much toxins as I could.  I had awoke with a frontal headache and thought the sweating might be was. 

Secondly I decided to tell each area of the body scan how much I appreciated it. So as I started with my toes I said how I loved them and thanked them for balance, how the bones are so beautiful (which they really are) and I encouraged all my bones to make red blood cells and to let the blood circulate deep into all my tissues. I did this for my whole body. 

And then as I was finishing with the head, I decided to offer all old memories of hormonal imbalances to leave with my exhales and to breath in new memories of balanced hormones, of blood circulating and oxygen going to every place to feed my brain. I finished feeling love for my body and all the parts I was able to acknowledge during the scan. My mind only left in the last 2 minutes to think about sharing this technique and becoming certified to share in Utah Valley because no one seems to teach it here in the county with such high depression and suicide rates.

Anyway, I think practicing mindfulness is going to hold lasting benefits for my physical, emotional, and spiritual well being provided I use it and practice daily.

I am still using mindfulness to eat my breakfast meals and my prayers are including more mindfulness for the hands that create, the animals that give, the harvest and shipping and the opportunity we have to buy, create and consume.

Here is a link to guided meditation:

Here is Jon Kabatt Zinn which you can listen to while learning to relax and do the body scan: 

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