Tuesday, October 21, 2014

8 weeks have come to an end...

My first exposure to Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction has come to an end but the learning and meditation will continue in my life and journey as I discover my future place in what God wants me to do.

I have years before me in which to learn so I need to get going. Here are some of the ideas I am coming to think about and feel impressed to learn and use within my nursing skills arena.

1- Pick a program to renew my RN license in Washington state and then renew in Utah....1 year in which to complete the state requirements.
2- Find a yoga program to start certification in. I hear SLC community College has a certification class. http://www.slcccontinuinged.com/yoga
3- Learn about therapeutic dance like biodanza....3 years for certification...http://www.biodanza.org/en/formacion/formacion-para-facilitador-didacta-de-biodanza
4- Learn about the use of musical glass bowels in treatment...life time...http://www.tibetanbowlschool.com/
5- Certification in MBSR through University of Massachusetts...this will take many years...http://www.umassmed.edu/cfm/stress-reduction/
6- And pursue earning a Masters degree in nursing education focusing on trauma healing ...4 years
7- Develop loving kindness skills
8-Continuing my journey with A Course in Miracles

All of these are over a great amount of years and I'm okay with that. My small steps now will add to great leaps in the future.

As I talked with Gove last night after our class about some of my above ideas he suggested maybe I am finding my mission.  He seemed supportive and he was wonderful to support me in going to the weekend retreat and welcomed me home yesterday by leaving work right in the middle of the day to send some much needed time together.  Thank you good husband.

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