Thursday, October 2, 2014

Miracle of miracles...

There is a way!  Last week, God placed a tiny seed of an idea into my mind and yesterday I followed with the thought. It suddenly occurred to me last week that maybe the nursing school I attended in Washington might have a refresher course.

I called and learned that they do not. But the receptionist was so nice she got on line and looked at the Department of Health for Washington and found that the state has a refresher programs for registered nurses.  Okay, I stayed calm, called on of the programs and sure enough I can do the theory from home and then I will need to come to Washington and work for 160 hours which is about a month in a hospital or nursing home.

Today I talked with the licensing department here in Utah to verify that if a reactivate my license in Washington I can actually receive an endorsement in Utah. Good news! I can! Hot dog.

I'm pausing to shed a few tears because God put that thought into my mind and now I can go forward and not start from scratch again. This is a miracle for me and a tender gift from God....thank you.

Other good news.  I want to learn about energy healing and mindfulness based stress reduction. I have found courses in both. The energy healing sounds so interesting and I will look into The
Simply Healed program created by Carolyn Cooper and see if that is for me.  The mindfulness plan will take several years of learning within myself and attendance at retreats but I have had interesting experiences with asking pains to leave my body and many have and others I have learned are emotional pains (which is why I want to learn the energy work). I think the Un. of Mass program is doable over time and I will need the CEU's because this time I am not going to loss my license in Washington nor Utah.

This is my good news for the day.  I was feeling sadness this morning but there is always a way out to hope and light. Now for lunch which will be weighed and measured.

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