Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The path of forgiveness....

Over this past weekend, October 16-19th. I drove to Petaluma Ca. to the EarthRise Center for a woman's retreat. The theme was "The Path of Forgiveness".  Twelve women were in attendance and Eileen Barker was our mentor. She invited 5 guest speakers. Zora introduced me to the beauty of music and eye contact while dancing and moving your body. Zora runs Biodanza in the San Francisco area. You can find her at zorabiodanza.com  How do I explain this healing art of music and dance?  The first evening of dance was painful but I put on a smile and went for the opportunity to learn and see what would happen. I like eye contact but to have constant eye contact and dance in front of other women!  Wow was that hard. Some  women stopped and left. I was glad to have stayed and Looking back now, staying made all the difference to opening my heart to love these women and to love the contact of our hands and eyes and by the end many of us were crying while we dance together.  Below are 2 of many hand picked songs for our forgiveness retreat experience. The Endangered Species song was used on the 3rd night and felt very empowering. Karen Drucker's song was our closing song and very fitting for the 4 hours we spent together in dance.

Was it worth the money? Every cent and even $100 more if I had to have paid it which I didn't so that was nice.  I liked the checking in with our buddies and our small group settings. I liked the guided meditation and the celebrations 3 times a day.  I liked that the pace at times slowed down because someone was on the verge of a breakthrough and Eileen wanted to let the process happen.

I was delighted to learn about the messenger and the message idea.  I was delighted with Sharon who came to share her talents with singing Tibetan bowels and glass/crystal bowels. That was beautiful sounding and vibrated into your body.  Sharon's chanting was interesting and mixed with many different sounds.

My roommate was Anne from San Francisco. She is a popular photographer. I need to go find her work as she has been in Time and Newsweek and many other magazines. I made several friends. One beautiful woman came to realize that her almost ex-husband did her a favor bringing her back to the states. She was suddenly able to see that blessing and her gratitude came to life and there was less hatred towards her spouse. She was so excited. It was healing to witness this in her and to rejoice with her in her new freedom.

Now, the real work begins for me. I need to write my new story.  I realized that I have sent years...since age 3 is what I was able to see in my heart and with my inner child that I have somehow internalized that I am being attacked, the victim, and that I was not good enough.  Not good enough was the core message I was hearing.  I have heard other messages but this is the big one for me.

The closing ceremony was very special for me. I was able to take my situation and write a new letter and then place it in the burning box and I felt much support from my Lord as I was doing this. I felt lifted and ready to fly. Sadly no wings sprouted.

This was a truly spiritual experience even though it had nothing to do with structured religion, there was love, peace, forgiveness, and in my heart and mind God was also there.

Thank you to all the women who came to EarthRise and who helped me to see my love and my growing potential to soar.  You are are missed by me.

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