Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Four weeks ago tomorrow...

One month ago tomorrow I entered the Riverwoods Surgical Center and awoke several hours later with just one question on my mind.

"What the hell did I do to myself?"  Then I remembered. That's right, I had my abdominal hernia repaired, my breast augmentation (touching my chest it was indeed larger), and then I felt the pain of my abdominoplasty or deep tummy tuck if that sounds better to you.

Surgery and childbirth both cause memory loss. How did I forget how painful surgery is?  I guess like birthing a child it's good to forget otherwise doctors, like plastic surgeons, would make a lot less money....perhaps.

I am getting better but it's not the recovery I had in-visioned and meditated about. Still I am thankful to God to be healing even if my incision feels so tight I can only imagine that it is going to burst open. Yet Dr. Rose reassured me again yesterday that all is well. Yes, I do have swelling along the bikini incision line that wasn't there 2 weeks ago but he says it will go away and I'm going to love the results. Frankly the results are great right now though I can not yet stand fully upright. Dr Rose says it's going to take me longer to heal then average with how much he took out from my abdomen. So patience is what's on my plate.

There are some things that I wasn't aware of. Several of the post I read did not mention just how tight and restricting the abdominal incision feels as I'm beginning to heal more.  My hips are still sore from the 3 drains I had. No one tells you that your going to be looking like the borg from Star Trek.  I never thought of taking a picture...rats,  Of all the readings about breast augmentation no one talked beyond that initial first week of pain. My peck muscles are still weak and I find it hard to open medicine bottles though not impossible like the first week. The biggest change with my breast is the change to my armpits. Perhaps this will improve as my muscles relax but I didn't read of any complaints that armpits became con-caved. I now can not shave. I can't get a razor into this new sunken rounded area. I'll figure it out in time but still in the recovery phase it isn't easy.

As far as my surgery, Dr. Rose said he removed 4 pounds of skins and tissue (not muscle but fat). He then added 2 pounds for the breast.  I was surprised 2 weeks ago when I stood on the scale thinking I probably gained 2 pounds since I'm not moving and just eating. Instead I reached and was below my goal weight of 135. Currently at 134 I will gain that back once I can eat full meals again....I imagine.

The abdominal hernia repair along with the tummy tuck seems to prevent me from eating full weighed and measured meals right now. This is okay as I heal. I pretty much am eating cream soups that Gove and Pam have made.

This afternoon I decided to go to the Provo Mall and I slowly walked through Dillards just to stretch my legs and to look at clothes. Nothing really caught my eye. I certainly began to feel sore after an hour so I am now home with ice on the front and back side of me with my legs elevated.

My whole family has been very supportive and I now see that this was the best time for me to have the surgery especially with the added time I need for recovery. We are going to have a very quiet Christmas season. Gove has a huge amount of programming and the girls are totally excited to spend time with Eliza.  Gove has been great through this whole thing. The first 3 weeks he tried to be with me in the evening just vegetating in front of Netflix. I thought I would read and meditate every day but that has not happened. Most often I fall to sleep but I'll get there again.

Having my adjustable bed has been a life saver and the bedside commode and even the walker that first week was wonderful.

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