Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I am endeavoring to cause no harm...just for today

As I walk the treadmill each morning, I watch a 30 minutes segment from The Great Courses. Currently it's Practicing Mindfulness: An Introduction to Meditation.  Had I not taken the 8 week course on mindfulness based stress reduction I think I'd have a hard time believing this type of stuff. Thank goodness I now believe in the power of slowing down and being mindful for a few minutes.
I have not heard much about Buddha's teachings but I like these ideas:

Five Aspirations... the principle of causing no harm

1. I will endeavor not to harm sentient beings.
2. I will endeavor not to steal.
3. I will endeavor no to misuse sexuality.
4. I will endeavor not to use false speech.
5. I will endeavor not to consume toxins.

Wholesome thoughts: diminish suffering (dukkha) and foster happiness and freedom.
Unwholesome thoughts or unskilled thought: is one that is not conducive to freedom and happiness but rather promotes suffering. (dukkha)

And somehow this is tied to an idea called not-self.  Which I believe has something to do with disconnecting from ego's thinking and hearing the real spiritual self...I suppose that is enlightenment?

I like striving to slow down and be mindful for 10 to 20 minutes, to walk quietly for 10 minutes, to try and stay awake during a body scan, and to practice loving kindness meditation in the hopes of something positive happening somehow. 

Let Go Of The Shore - Karen Drucker

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Audio link for AA's Big Book used with the CeaHow 12 Step program


The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous

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 Big Book Preface
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 Big Book Foreword
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 Big Book The Doctor's Opinion
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 Big Book Chapter 1: Bill's Story
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 Big Book Chapter 2: There Is A Solution
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 Big Book Chapter 3: More About Alcoholism
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 Big Book Chapter 4: We Agnostics
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 Big Book Chapter 5: How It Works
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 Big Book Chapter 6: Into Action
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 Big Book Chapter 7: Working With Others
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 Big Book Chapter 8: To Wives
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 Big Book Chapter 9: The Family Afterwards
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 Big Book Chapter 10: To Employers
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 Big Book Chapter 11: A Vision For You

Audio (Big Book)    http://ukjohnd.com/audio/

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Thought question for today...

Is it possible to live a life free of bondage and suffering?

My first answer is that anything is possible. But is it really? I feel like it is possible for me to live my life at some point free from bondage. Free from suffering? I am feeling and thinking not. Or is suffering something my mind (would that be my ego) creates? Bondage is suffering. Is suffering always bondage? Is suffering learning? Is bondage learning for that matter? When would these be learning? I'm guessing only when I start becoming aware. What is my bondage and what is my suffering? Am I even aware of how much I experience of either? Do I want to become aware? Do I want to live freely? Yes I do. I want to live free of my bondage and suffering so that I can be empathetic towards others bondage and suffering. IS it possible for me? Well I think it might be as I let go and let God help me find the paths that will lead to my freedom one small step at a time with perhaps an occasionally jump forward and just as likely at fall backwards. Yet getting up and becoming aware yet again and moving towards freeness.  I might be in left field and still completely blind to this question but I figure I have my life in which to explore and is if it's possible even for me.

30-Minute Bodyweight Bootcamp Workout You Can Do Anywhere

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year Nickie!

Yes, I am wishing myself a happy new year because I think that is what this year is going to be for me. A happy year and a new year.  First because I expect to hear in the next 2 weeks about the WSU nursing renewal program and secondly my life is on an exciting course of adventure, growth, vulnerability, and developing love while asking and making amends as I go along my journey.

This morning i came to the idea that I could do several things for just a few minutes to show myself what I want to be able to participate in or accomplish this year. And at the same time I can accept that many of things I do today might not occur very often in the year but just for today I will show myself what it is I want to do even for just a few minutes.

It's funny to see myself accomplish so much is just a few hours. The most enjoyable so far was trying to eat mindfully again. I did and didn't at different moments but still it was nice to recall who might be the people to plant, grow, harvest, transport, and to have the money thanks to my good husband to purchase these healthy foods I was eating this morning.

Hey, I just found this conference, I Can Do It through Hay House. I'm going to attend and I hope to go having finished my nursing requirements. I'm going to make this my priority, both finishing my 122 hours of theory for nursing and attending this conference in April 2015. How exciting for me.

Happy New Year everyone. I am excited about what my God has for me to learn and participate in and who will be the angles He will send into my days this year and how I can help Him in being an angle for someone else. That is kind of hard you know. I get caught up in muself so mindfulness will play a major part in how will I do at being an angle for others this year.

oh another great reason for this year just popped into my head!  I turn 50 and our marriage will celebrate 20 years. Hot Dog.

P.S. I am healing very well from my surgeries of last month. I started light exercising, stretching, low impact movement and a little yoga stretching. Currently I am using the wall to rebuild my pec muscle strength for pushups. All in time I will be strong and flexible again and become better than I was.