Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I am endeavoring to cause no harm...just for today

As I walk the treadmill each morning, I watch a 30 minutes segment from The Great Courses. Currently it's Practicing Mindfulness: An Introduction to Meditation.  Had I not taken the 8 week course on mindfulness based stress reduction I think I'd have a hard time believing this type of stuff. Thank goodness I now believe in the power of slowing down and being mindful for a few minutes.
I have not heard much about Buddha's teachings but I like these ideas:

Five Aspirations... the principle of causing no harm

1. I will endeavor not to harm sentient beings.
2. I will endeavor not to steal.
3. I will endeavor no to misuse sexuality.
4. I will endeavor not to use false speech.
5. I will endeavor not to consume toxins.

Wholesome thoughts: diminish suffering (dukkha) and foster happiness and freedom.
Unwholesome thoughts or unskilled thought: is one that is not conducive to freedom and happiness but rather promotes suffering. (dukkha)

And somehow this is tied to an idea called not-self.  Which I believe has something to do with disconnecting from ego's thinking and hearing the real spiritual self...I suppose that is enlightenment?

I like striving to slow down and be mindful for 10 to 20 minutes, to walk quietly for 10 minutes, to try and stay awake during a body scan, and to practice loving kindness meditation in the hopes of something positive happening somehow. 

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