Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Thought question for today...

Is it possible to live a life free of bondage and suffering?

My first answer is that anything is possible. But is it really? I feel like it is possible for me to live my life at some point free from bondage. Free from suffering? I am feeling and thinking not. Or is suffering something my mind (would that be my ego) creates? Bondage is suffering. Is suffering always bondage? Is suffering learning? Is bondage learning for that matter? When would these be learning? I'm guessing only when I start becoming aware. What is my bondage and what is my suffering? Am I even aware of how much I experience of either? Do I want to become aware? Do I want to live freely? Yes I do. I want to live free of my bondage and suffering so that I can be empathetic towards others bondage and suffering. IS it possible for me? Well I think it might be as I let go and let God help me find the paths that will lead to my freedom one small step at a time with perhaps an occasionally jump forward and just as likely at fall backwards. Yet getting up and becoming aware yet again and moving towards freeness.  I might be in left field and still completely blind to this question but I figure I have my life in which to explore and is if it's possible even for me.

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