Thursday, July 9, 2015

This is what i was needing...

I'm sitting in our rv, Gove has gone to bed and I'm watching our teens being children as they are out catching fire flies and i am listening to the amazing sounds of the Limberlost.
The kids just brought me 7 fire flies and are back out to find other creatures of the night. Kind of like in The Girl of the Limberlost.

Today we stopped at the James Townsend store and found some treasures. Tia a drum, Eli blue linen breeches, Gove grey linen breeches and short bodices for Beth and myself plus a new fife, coins, buttons. We left the festival brochure and Ryan gave us a tour of the whole factory. We were very fortunate to see how the felt hats are stretched.

Tonight is what i needed...nature.

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